My Story

Greetings in the name of our Saviour!  I was born and raise by a poor but hardworking parents.  I experience the hardship in life since I was young, I even work at a very young age just to help my parents.  I grew up but always lack of most things, I always looking forward for the things that my auntie has to give me once she had enough of it.  I support my own studies and hep my siblings as well.  During my younger years, I even experience and act as a sole parent with my siblings when my father are far away and my mother was working abroad.   I was lucky to have both parents who tried to support us, even we are less fortunate with material things.   I had faced a lot of heartaches during childhood because of those people who tried to ruin our family life and loads of trials along the way.   All we want is to help as far as we can and that idea that they had was carried by me until now.  Life has not been friendly with me but i never stop, believing that someday we will have the victory in life.   But life must go on.  Keep moving and keep dreaming!  People said I’m a dreamer, yes I am, really am.  I never waste any of my time, not even experience to play during weekend coz i need to work.   I missed my childhood and even teenage life coz I need to focus on working for a living but that’s alright those experiences lead me to become more and dream big.  I manage to get back to college and finish after I encounter so much difficulties.  I dreamed of serving my countrymen as a soldier but after sometime another trial comes my way, with a dying persons request I gave up my dreams and  focus with a new life and a new job, yes I was happy that i manage to give my family  peace of mind and much better life than expected as promised to my father, until some of my siblings become settled and have their own family.

Why did I tell you about my childhood story?  

It is simply because i learned a lot from it,  those experiences help me to become more stronger in facing circumstances in life.  Yes its true! and hope you feel grateful for whatever u have in life coz not all people are lucky like you, to have a good life and to have both parents alive even far from u is a bonus, coz we are missing my father 18 years now.  Thanks be to God that we still have our mother, to love and support us.

The Tale from my Ironing Board!

Because life is not easy after few years of having my own family, me and my husband was both struggling to give our kids and immediate family a good life.  We want to support them as much as we can but not good at all.  Once in my life the opportunity to experience new life and earn more thru working miles away knocked on my door.  Sacrificing my own happiness and to think that i’m leaving my family, I grabbed the chance as I looked forward for the time that we will gonna be reunited again.  Every night, the ironing board is the main witness how i suffer from deep sadness being away from my love ones.   Once in a while, i met different people with different story, some are sad like mine, some are just average and some are happy.   I’ve experience loads of wonderful moments like traveling which I dreamed of as well and even gave my family a better life and better future also met  a lot of friends worldwide. If i have a regret in life, that is being away  from my family.  Years and years gone by and after trying my best to be with them,  still not enough I’m still on a long distance motherhood mode with my kids.  3 or 4 weeks never been enough for our bonding.  But as the Lord promised, at the right time and at the right place we’ll be happy altogether.  We are looking forward for that to come!

Life is Really a Challenge

Our family faced so much trials here and there, one after the other but i always said don’t loose hope, keep fighting and in time everything will be fine!  and now I’m ready for a change to come.  With the opportunity that I have I know that this is it, God’s promised of a better and healthy lifestyle.  Great future is awaiting for us if we learn the process and decide to achieve health and  financial freedom. Let’s join hands to reach our target goal. God Bless Us All xxx
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